#21 - Play the ukulele in public

July 16, 2017

Why the Ukulele

Great question! I actually have a reason. When I lived in San Francisco, I commuted on the Caltrain from SF to Palo Alto for work. I loved the early morning 6am-ish train that had barley anyone on it and tables for laptops (and coffee). One morning when catching this train, I sat on the upper deck with one other person who was behind me.

The train took off and I opened my laptop, getting ready to put my headphones on but was stopped by the fellow behind me who started playing notes on his ukulele. The train starting passing a wide lake, the sun was rising, and the music got louder and filled the air with happiness. I remember thinking what a cool moment, and that it was a moment that should be recreated, hence me wanting to learn the ukulele. :) 


Getting Started 

I must have looked up lessons a hundred times before today, but never committed. Today though, I booked ten weekly one-hour sessions for $350 at the New York City Guitar School in Flatiron.


Until I have a photo of my own - check out Jason Mraz on the Ukulele! 





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