#20 - Become conversational in Russian

July 16, 2017

Why Learn Russian? 

When I was in college I took several years of Russian language classes and did a school for 11 days to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Russia has always been fascinating to me and there's something raw and strong about the language and I've always felt drawn to it. Unfortunately I don't remember much from school, so this challenge is to set out and complete what I've started. To become conversational in Russian. 


Getting Started

Of the few things I remember from school, most of them come from... wait for it... using Pimsleur. I remember the Pimsleur lessons perfectly, after over 10 years! To start, I purchased the first level of Pimsleur which includes 30 lessons and downloaded the app so I can listen on my phone. 


The Commitment

I'm committing 30 minutes per day for 30 days to get through lesson one of Pimsleur. 











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