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The subscription that leads to success, freedom, and happiness.

The Avo Philosophy

Success, freedom, and happieness is a lot to promise, but we believe the AVO life - A Very Organized Life - leads to just this. 


Being organized can reach further than your closet and clutter, instead, it starts with our goals and figuring out what you want to achieve in life. 

To achieve our goals, we need only to organize them (prioritize what's most important) and plan them out (determine what's needed to achieve them). It's not rocket science, but we often get swept away in the day to day and forget to think about the things that will help us in the future. 

Not anymore. With the AVO Philosophy, you subscribe to the AVOs for your preferred term. Delivered to your door, the book prompts you each day to think of your goals and get the right mindset, pulling from dozens of award-winning concepts. Finally, everything is pulled into a single location so that you can spend more time actioning and getting things done and less time elsewhere. 

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